I’m a simple country girl livin’ in a city.  Whoa!  Wait!  Pump the brakes!  A country girl living in the city?!  Yep!  That’s right!  Hey a girl has to make a livin’ and it seems all the jobs are in the city.  Oh yeah and I like my sleep too much to drive an hour or more (one-way) to work.

I’m a wife, a step-mom, and a prospective adoptive parent.  I love the country and one day hope to have a farm house in the country.  I don’t mind getting dirty and working hard and I love trying new things.  I wish for a simpler way of life.  I love spending quality time with my family and cooking.  I love baking my own bread and making food from scratch.  I also enjoy canning.  One of my goals is to bring back some of the traditions of the past.

I created this blog because I like to write and it runs in my family.  I feel I have some things to say that others might want to hear.  Also, with children I think it’s great to record some of the events that happen.  I think as my children age they might like to read some of these stories.  I also want to take you on our journey of adopting a baby and adding another leaf to our family tree.

In life we experience many different events that we learn from.  My blog is about family (leaves), food (loaves), and events that happen in life (life).  So you can expect to read about life’s lesson inspired by family, food, and events that happen in my life.

Happy reading!

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