Quality Time

After a long grueling week of work my husband and I decided to take a day trip this past Saturday.  It was spur of the moment, but was an awesome trip.  Every couple needs some quality time together and this was our time.  We decided we were going to North Carolina and wanted to go to the mountains, just wasn’t sure where.  We settled on Black Mountain, North Carolina.  It’s a quaint little town with several shops.  We decided to stop at the visitor’s center to see what trails were around there.  The guy working led us to Old Fort, NC where we hiked Catawba Falls Trail.

This trail was off the beaten path.  We had to take a side road down to the end of another road.  If the guy at the visitor’s center had not told us about it, we never would have known about it.  When we first walked up to the information area there were warning signs of bears and what to do.  Oh my!  Bears!  This could be good!  The signs mentioned walking in groups and if we saw claw marks or even spotted a bear we needed to start singing and making noise.  I really wanted to see a bear….well from a distance of course.

With that notice we started on our hike.  The hike did not start out well.  Let’s just say there were some rude people, a tense husband and wife, and some air that needed to be cleared between my husband and me.  After that, we were good to go.  The hike became very enjoyable and was exactly what the doctor ordered.  When I am out in nature it is so easy to see all of God’s beautiful creations.  I started snapping pictures of trees, leaves, rocks, and what we think was a tiny cave on the other side of the water.

After recalling the end to an enjoyable day I could not help but think there are so many times when we let our agenda cloud our ability to see things for what they are and see the beauty in it.  I personally have been at my wits end with my day job which is somehow turning into a day and night job.  Last week I only posted two blog posts because I was working late at night almost every day.  As much as I want my blog to take off, I still have to help provide for my family; however, this doesn’t mean I do not deserve a little play time too.

To be honest I have taken the entire weekend off from my day job.  I brought a stack of work home measuring about 8 inches high.  I haven’t even touched it yet on this Labor Day weekend.  I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of this weekend with my family.  Spending quality time with my husband is exactly what he and I needed to keep us going.  We have both been working crazy hours and with that comes exhaustion and stress and well…you know what that can cause!

Before my husband and I got married we loved to go hiking.  We hiked up until about two years after we got married from there life took over and we let everything else consume us.  With the adoption, my approach was we can’t spend any extra money which meant traveling was out.  Wrong!!!  We just needed to get back to the basics.  Moving forward my husband and I have decided that at least once a month or every two months we would take a day trip somewhere and just spend time together.  Making memories is what it’s about, not spending money or trying to work ourselves to death.  There comes a point when we have to step back and realize God gave us this life for a reason.  We can let work and everything else consume us or we can step back once in a while and let God open our eyes and be awed at His beauty and what he has created.  We all need that breathe of fresh air to help us realign our focus and priorities.

What gives you that breathe of fresh air?

In my next article find out what else my husband and I got into while we enjoyed our quality time together in the mountains of North Carolina.

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Until next time!

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